Emirates Motorplex

Emirates Motorplex

UAE Motorplex

•Emirates Motorplex is the first Drag Racing Track in the UAE, also it is the First Drag Track in the GCC and Middle East.
•Emirates Motorplex Started in 1999, but in 2001 Emirates Motorplex became a Club for all kind of motorsports racing, “Street legal Drag Racing, Sand Drag or Quad Drag, Museum and for another activities such as motocross”.
•In 2004 Emirates Motorplex add two new sections, first section is for Skid-pan “Burnouts” and the second section is for stunt show “Two Wheels Driving” as we called Alshal.
•Emirates Motorplex organize a lot of competition and events including communities for classic cars and bikes “On-Road Bikes and Off-Road Bikes”.
•The begin of 2010 Emirates Motorplex Club are opining every week in Friday for different motorsports events.
•The owner of Emirates Motorplex Club is: Sheikh Marwan Al-Moala, the chairman of the Emirates Motorsports Federation.
Location of Emirates Motorplex Club is: in Umm Al Qaywayn (UAQ).
Some advantages of Emirates Motorplex:

•Bring the illegal street racers to use and race in the track, so that help to reduce the percentage of vehicles accidents in the streets. In addition it’s help the interior ministry.
•The track have high quality level of safety for the driver and the public.
•Attract tourists who love motorsports racing and automobiles events.
•Supporting young people who love drag racing and give them a chance to become professional drivers.
Done by: Mohammed Baniyas

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Click on the Picture Bellow to watch a demo Video Emirates Motorplex Skid-Pan



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4 responses to “Emirates Motorplex”

  1. bnno_werehere says :

    great topic

  2. حلبة الإمارات موتربلكس says :

    السلام عليكم اخوي محمد
    مشكور على مجهودك الحلو
    وعلى كتابة هذا المقال اللي يعرف الناس
    على حلبة الامارات موتوربلكس أكثر
    والحلو انك إستعملت اللغة الانجليزية
    ومشكور على الفوائد والإيجابيات اللي طرحتها في الموضوع
    ونشكر الشيخ مروان بن راشد المعلا على دعمه اللامحدود للشباب ولتطوير النادي
    وبارك الله فيك اخوي محمد حسن الياسي
    وعقبال مانشوفك في الحلبة متسابق
    وبكل وفاء واخلاص اتمنى لك التفوق في الدراسة
    والله يجزيك خير

  3. TodRa says :

    Thanx bro for the topic

  4. بوخالد says :

    مشكور اخوي محمد على هذي الكتابه الحلوة عن الحلبة
    ان شاء الله الناس يستفيدون

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