Spotted of the Day “Lexus LS460 Drifting? or Losing Control?”

Photo of the Day
Lexus LS460 Drift? or Out Of Control?

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27 responses to “Spotted of the Day “Lexus LS460 Drifting? or Losing Control?””

  1. WTF TOYOTA says :

    i hate toyota so much, this 460 lost control for sure

  2. ggefox says :

    hahahaha lost control

  3. bnno_werehere says :

    never been -good buy
    always been +worst buy
    if you like your family don’t think to buy a toyota!!!!!!!!

  4. racing says :

    Oh God. I love this picture but i feel there is something wrong with the driver….
    he can not drift in that way, so that will looks like he lost his control or the car loosing the control
    thank you Justice
    i like your blog 🙂

  5. nice1 says :

    i think that person start to test the LS460 with traction – off / ESC
    but that photo taken accidentally, in my view

    Top 3 Toyota Problem Vehicles
    was RAV4, Camry and Corolla
    but there are another problems
    please visit our website

  6. KE20 says :

    Toyota lost the credibility

  7. BomberNumb says :

    i don’t like JDM and USDM in safety situation euro-cars
    best in the business
    compare the bimmer with toyota in the safety
    -anti lock break
    -material of the chassis

    of curse bimmer will won that compromise
    Lexus and Toyota is like two donkeys

  8. Justice says :

    thanks all for the comments

  9. Netty Gritty says :

    maybe that driver ~dead right now … RIP
    Toyota have main problem with Anti-Brake System and that cause loosing the control

    270000 Lexus been recalled
    Models affected by the recall in the U.S. include the following:
    2006-08 IS 350
    2007-08 GS 350
    2008 GS 460
    2007-08 GS 450h
    2007-08 LS 460 and 460L
    2008 LS 600h L

    please visit my webpage IHATETOYOTA
    your comments are welcomed in

  10. MackLoweN says :

    i still believe in 1UZ engine but i am the most hater for Toyota & Lexus
    in my view that lexus is losing the control
    i saw it in motor trend site

    ls460 in our country cost $72,575.00
    that makes most of the owner so sad

  11. بوخالد says :

    والله اللكزس من يومه مشاكل الامريكي
    صح انه يكد كد لاكن في عيوب
    اسمحولي اني اكتب بالعربي
    بس انا اعتقد ان راعي الموتر مات مثل ما قال الاخو
    مشكله نحن مكبرين سوق التيوتا واللكزس في الخليج
    لاكن في امريكا مايسوى شي وبعد

  12. DMC says :

    Lexus and Toyota sucks
    visit my sit
    i am the biggest hater of toyota

  13. killerroad says :

    some people died cause of toyota and lexus
    because of that media is spotting every thing in toyota
    i hate toyota more than anyone on this plant

  14. jamHonda says :

    people listen
    everyone have a reason to hate or like things
    but no one can enforce people to hate toyota, but the media dose……

  15. Shaqawi says :

    oh oh oh nice snap
    i love it

  16. عاشق الفتك says :

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  17. badboy283 says :

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh funny comments
    some people like to make everything so big
    i think as you all said the media and GM are the main problem for Toyota
    some people love toyota and the second half been hate toyota
    but the picture show that the man is drifting normally

  18. OmarM says :

    i don’t believe in Toyota and Lexus anymore

  19. Hosing_Turbo says :

    our thought been changed since 2004 about Toyota
    even when they give the new promotions 5 years warranty
    we still hate Toyota

  20. kmama says :

    Toyota/Lexus now facing the new challenge of losing!
    losing than losing
    losing to losing
    losing if losing
    losing more losing

    both of them losing!

  21. racingforband says :

    i don’t like neither Toyota or Lexus
    both suckx

  22. boqaad54 says :

    i like lexus but i hate people who like to destroy the credibility of toyota and lexus
    lexus are people desire all around the world
    ls460 is cheapest luxury car in the world
    it is cheaper than bmw and benz

  23. KoPPeR says :

    lexus was fine till last year 2009
    because of the Lexus GX460 have serious problems with the steering and acceleration pod, there was an ads said “Don’t Buy”, I do know the stability control systems of Toyotas kick in early which is why this is odd, but not surprising. Also saw a report that in Japan 200,000 vehicles including Camrys are getting recalled for crackin weather stripping that is allowing something in the structure coroding, wonder how long before it happens here… Toyota is moving forward alright….

  24. KoPPeR says :

    check this video on YouTube

  25. DonToyotaW says :

    if you want to see some real comments about toyota and lexus visit the link bellow you will find most comments that make you hate toyota or lexus

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