Nissan Patrol VTC4800 +1000 Horses

Nissan Patrol VTC4800 Super Safari More Than 1000 Horses

+260 Km/H
check out the video first click on the image bellow

Video of 1000Hp Patrol VTC4800

Main Mods:
-Stroker Kit + Cam Shift = 5200cc
-GReddy T88H 34D 22 cm*2
-Custom Intake
-Custom Headers
-Custom Exhaust System
-Motec ECU + Motec Management + ignitions Management
-Custom coils + Racing Wire
-Fuel Management
-Run With Racing Fuel C16 + Fuel Tank For High Octane Fuel + High performance plumping, housings and fittings

Mohammed Baniyas (MHYAAY)


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