Modified Skyline GT-R 34 M-spec Nür

Modified-ed…….. M-spec Nür In the House 🙂

Main Mods:-
HKS Z-Tune Finders and Body-Kit without the Z-Tune Hood
RAYS Volk Racing GT-C Wheels
Full Stroker kit 2.8 + Cam Shift + Cam Sprocket
Fuel Management
63T – HKS T04Z Turbocharger

Information about Skyline GT-R 34 M-spec Nür from Wikipedia

“In February 2002 Nissan released a final production model of the R34 GT-R called the Nür. Nissan also released a limited Manufacturer Special model designated the M-Spec. This came in two forms, the base M-Spec, and the Nür. The Nür was sold in 2 different models: the Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nür and the previously mentioned Skyline GT-R M-spec Nür. The Nür was named after the famous German Nürburgring racetrack, where the Skyline was developed. The Nür model featured an improved RB26DETT based on the N1 racing engine, used by Nismo in Motorsports. The V-spec II Nür is based on the regular V-spec II model, and the M-spec Nür was based on the regular M-spec model. Other than the addition of the Nür engine, the Nür models also included a different color of stitching on the interior trim, as well as a speedometer reading up to 300 km/h (186 mph).”


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2 responses to “Modified Skyline GT-R 34 M-spec Nür”

  1. Slooki says :

    nice R43 you got

  2. Mohammed Fikri says :

    Let me know if you are interested in selling the R34.
    i am ready to buy your price.

    P.O-Box: 2684 Dubai

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